Phenomena Project


Movie short in development


Whisper The Curse

Movie short in development




Paul was a young music & media student studying sound technology at The Brit School in London. To subsidize his humble lifestyle, he acquired a part-time job at a major record companies in-house recording studio, transferring back catalogue master tapes from analogue to a digital format. The unsocial hours imposed meant he had to work through the night, but the money was OK and he could add the position to his ever-developing CV. His night would start with him getting to the studio around 11.30 p.m. as the security guard clocked off at midnight leaving Paul completely alone in the building. 

After a brew, he headed down to the basement where studio B was located, collected his itinerary and list of the tapes that needed transferring that evening and retrieved them from the archives. Some of these masters go back many decades and some have not seen the light of day since originally used! Every night was a nostalgic journey back in time for Paul, as many of the musicians performing on some of these classic albums were now deceased. His job meant lining up the tape machine to the computer, checking that each individual track was calibrated, press play, record and let the tape run! Simple!

This one night was different though? He was listening and checking the transfer of one particular set of master tapes known as the PHENOMENA PROJECT and sounds he could not explain or comprehend started to become very apparent as some form of unexplainable whispering voices and strange noises. Believing these were not part of the original recording, he started to scrutinize each track individually and on closer inspection discovered that he had unravelled unwanted energy that he really found sinister, sounding like someone or something was trying to communicate with him! To make things worst, he also got the distinctive horrible feeling that he was not alone in this old Victorian building!  He Was Right!

A script is currently being developed for a 15-minute movie short to reveal for the very first time, the strange encounters that happened when some of the Phenomena Project albums were being digitally processed and transferred at EMI Studios in London 2010. These events went on to haunt and traumatize various individuals involved with serious consequence and the messages still remain within the multitrack recordings to this day, locked away at a private location. The mysterious sounds, messages and visions surrounding these tapes have never been disclosed, until now...